Shuttle_Convoy_EAFB (1920x899)

Space Shuttle Convoy: Edwards Air Force Base, California

After a landing at sunrise on Edwards AFB Runway 22, NASA and US Air Force recovery teams approach the Space Shuttle Columbia. (12 x 24) Limited Edition signed fine art prints, $80.

SAFER Flight Test_ webS.A.F.E.R. Flight Test

During the STS-64 mission, an astronaut performed an Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) to test a new maneuvering unit called the Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue (SAFER). This unit is mounted on the backpack to be used if an astronaut becomes detached from the International Space Station. Original Painting (24 x 36) $850.

Lunar Orbiter 1 _ Pestana (942x1500)

Lunar Orbiter

Lunar Orbiter, a precursor to the Apollo missions to the Moon, looks back at Earth before beginning a mapping mission in lunar orbit.(24 x 36) $550 Sold

One Small Step _ Pestana (2) (2285x2900)

One Small Step

In the White Room atop Launch Pad 39, technicians prepare Neil Armstrong to enter the Command Module Columbia for the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. (24 x 36) $980


STS-49: The Endeavour

During the maiden voyage of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in May, 1992, the astronauts successfully retrieved, repaired, and deployed the INTELSAT VI satellite. Mark has re-recreated the moments just before initial capture of the satellite, with 3 astronauts positioned in the cargo bay. Signed, Limited Edition fine art prints available for sale. (18.5 x 22 print, 16 x 20 image) $80