Mission- Palau webMission: Palau

On September 1, 1944, during a mission from Wakde Island, New Guinea, against Koror, Palau, B-24J “42-73453” was hit in the left wing and no. 2 engine by anti-aircraft fire. The ensuing fire engulfed the wing and fuselage. Three crewmembers parachuted before the aircraft broke apart and crashed into the sea. All 11 crew members were reported MIA until volunteer searchers from the non-profit BentProp® Project found the aircraft on January 26, 2004. Remains of eight crewmembers were recovered and interred at Arlington National Cemetery. The three survivors, who were captured and executed, remain MIA. The search continues. Your generous donation can help fund the search for more MIAs. You can own a signed fine art giclee print (22 x 28, Signed Limited Edition) of this painting for a donation of $500. Click here for more information.

DawnOfHypersonicFlight_webDawn of Hypersonic Flight

While an F-104 chase plane zooms past, an X-15 is prepared for research flight while attached to it’s launch platform, NASA NB-52B 0008. (12 x 16) $480

AirMail_web Neither Snow Nor Rain…

The pilot of this Jenny embodies the creed of the US Postal Service, flying air mail since 1918. (12 x 16) $250 Sold

Future Fleet Force X-47_webFuture Fleet Force: X-47

The X-47, prototype for future unmanned combat aircraft systems, is depicted after a catapult launch from the USS Gerald R. Ford. (24 x 28) $580

BirdOfPrey_webBird of Prey

An A-10 maneuvers on a sunrise training sortie over the English countryside. (16 x 20) $480 Sold

The Dragon Lady -Pestana web

U-2 Dragon Lady

Mark painted the venerable spy plane on an actual aeronautical chart of northern California, centered on home airfield, Beale Air Force Base. (18 x 24) $350

Amelia's Fate (800x756)

Amelia’s Fate?

Decades after disappearing on a trans-Pacific flight, rumors and theories still fuel the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. Could they have survived after finding a remote island or atoll? (10 x 10) $260



An early morning thrill ride. (16 x 20) $450 Sold

California Rice Seeding medium res

California Rice Seeder

An Ag-Cat begins to seed the rice fields near Northern California’s Sutter Buttes. (24 x 28) Sold


The Silent War

At a remote location on the periphery of the Soviet Union, a MiG-23 intercepts a U.S. Air Force RC-135 “Rivet Joint” reconnaissance aircraft. The interceptor, known by the NATO code name Flogger, is armed to defend its sovereign airspace as the RC-135, equipped with various sensors, conducts an unarmed intelligence mission from international airspace. The artist, a retired colonel, served as a pilot and RC-135 aircraft commander with the 38th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, in the 1980s, logging 213 operational missions in sensitive airspace. He recalls,

“We were aware of the history of Cold War reconnaissance missions, including classified data about the attacks, shoot-downs, and loss of over a hundred American airmen. The crews of the 55th Wing and other units were relentless in collecting vital intelligence for the national command authorities virtually 24 hours a day for decades, and continuing today. The sun never sets on the Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth.”

High quality lithographic print, signed by the artist on archival paper, Includes insignia of SAC, 55th SRW, ESC, 38th SRS, 343rd SRS, and Rivet Joint. (18 x 24 print, 14 x 20 image) Limited Edition, Signed Fine Art Print, on archival paper. $95

From Runway to Orbit

From Runway to Orbit

Front Cover art for the NASA book, From Runway to Orbit by Ken Illif. (16 x 20) Sold


Mach 3+

Back Cover art for the NASA book, From Runway to Orbit by Ken Illif. This scene depicts a fictitious formation flight of the XB-70 with an SR-71. (16 x 20) Sold


Hangar 276

NASA T-38 Talons are parked inside Johnson Space Center’s main hangar at Ellington Field, Texas. (24 x 36) $850

Ikhana sights Orion

Ikhana Sights Orion

On December 4, 2014, the Orion spacecraft was launched into an orbital flight test of this next generation of spacecraft designed for human space exploration. NASA’s MQ-9 Ikhana, Unmanned Aircraft System, was remotely piloted from the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base, California, to video-document the re-entry, parachute deployment, and splashdown off the coast of Mexico’s Baja California. (24 x 36) $680


Northwest Passage

An Alaskan bush pilot maneuvers over rugged territory and through adverse weather. (16 x 20) $450

Pensacola t34a

Pensacola Dunes

A US Navy student pilot flies his T-4 Mentor near the white dunes of Pensacola, Florida. (22 x 28) $480


ER-2 Hurricane Mission

A NASA ER-2, an “Earth Resources” version of the famous U-2, collects information for the Airborne Science Program. (24 x 36)$550 Sold

That was close!

That Was Close

After returning from a successful combat mission a P-40 pilot realizes how close he came to disaster. (24 x 28) $450



Spaceflight Readiness: NASA T-38

NASA astronauts fly the supersonic T-38 jet trainer to maintain high performance flight proficiency and hone crew coordination skills. Limited edition, signed, fine art prints available for sale.(18 x 26 print, 15 x 20 image) $80